About XG & XG Policy Control

DARPA's Next Generation (XG) program goals are to develop enabling technology and system concepts to dynamically redistribute allocated spectrum along with novel waveforms in order to provide dramatic improvements in assured military communications in support of a full range of worldwide deployments SRI is sole performer on the XG Policy Control project.

The vision of radically increased spectrum usage through XG-enabled radios requires regulatory bodies and spectrum holders to be convinced that the radios will follow rules and policies. SRI's XG Policy Control project is developing an expressive and extensible policy language with executable semantics, for describing policies that meet the needs of a wide variety of spectrum regulation bodies. We are also developing efficient reasoning algorithms to reason about policy compliance during radio operation. SRI is sole performer on the XG Policy Control project. The main innovations of our project include:

A video clip recorded at the IEEE DySPAN 2007 Conference, Dublin, in April 2007 gives an overview of the XG reasoner. The XG Policy Control posters shown in the video can be downloaded here.



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